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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. overnight, hugh hefner the >> my goodness, that rescue was something else. we have a lot of news. all the reaction this morning. tax overhaul. one of the most ambitious tax cuts ever. promising a middle class miracle. >>st the not good for me. believe me. >> now republicans and democrats are weighing in. what it really means for your wallet, and the president's top economic adviser joins us live. breaking the case? the new arrest that may help solve that murder mystery in indiana. two teens killed while hiking. investigators searching for the person behind this voice. >> down the hill. down the hill.
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>> how this man may be connected. and incredible rescue. a woman trapped in her suv, surrounded by rushing flo floodwate floodwaters. how they pulled her through the window just in time. that rescue was something else. we have a lot of news to get to. >> we have that tax plan, and continuing crisis in puerto rico, and the death overnight of hugh hefner. he wants to be remembered as someone who changed sexual values of america. >> he was also known for how he impacted our culture. abc's nick watt is outside hefner's mansion in beverly hills this morning. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, michael. from the playboy mansion where hugh hefner lived, sometimes with seven girlfriends at the same time, where he threw those
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legendary parties and where he died. love him or loathe him, hugh hefner left a >> lots of people date lots of girls. i dated them all at the same time. >> reporter: the company released a statement saying hefner peacefully passed away from natural causes at his home. the playboy mansion surrounded by loved ones. that's how he'll be remembered by most of us. for his tv show, "playboy's penthouse," "playboy after dark," and then the girls next door. >> you have to come up and see me some time. >> in 2012, hugh hefner was asked on cnn how he would like to be remembered. >> as somebody who played some positive part in changing the social sexual values of his time and had a very good time doing it. >> reporter: larger than life, for once an apt cliche to
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describe a man with a bank loan and investors, including his mom. those bunny ears now a global brand that turns over a billion dollars and year, and on the covers of his magazine, jane mansfield, jenny mccarthy. >> he would say, i made this magazine for a girl like you. >> marilyn monroe. >> reporter: 63 years later, still
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>> hefner will be remembered as more than an elderdy gent in a silk robe. he changed the face of america. >> he was a hero or a villain depending on your point of view. his son released a statement calling him calling him a cultural pioneer saying he advocated free speech, civil rights civil rights and sexual freedom, michael. michael. >> thank you, nick. definitely a mark.tely a controversial, >> made a bigger mark. want to getg mark. the white house.t the latest from the white house. w taxdent trump has unveiled his new tax plan. he claims middle class will be show thewinners and the details show the wealthy will gain the most. most. the pres s privatedent says he is giving his private jets for dozens of
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tri trips. . the new the new russian investigation. we're now getting a look at some of the thousands thousands of ads the russians bought on facebo facebook. jon on karl starts us off on taxes. good morning, >> good morning, george. the president calling the plan a middle class miracle. there are a lot of details that are still to be worked out but here are the broad outlines of his plan. >> togemocrats and republicans deliver thistogether finally to deliver this giant win for the american people american people and begin this middle class middle class miracle. >> reporter: e >> reporter: even fellow republicans ar they canns are divided on how much they can accomplish. >> tax health care loois going to make health care look like a piece of cake if we do it the right way. years.n't done it in 31 years. id reporter: the details of the ed out, but plan are to be
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he tax out, but he is going to slash the taxes on corporations from 35% to 20%. for individuals and families it would decrease the number of tax brackets from seven to just three. doubling the standard deduction. for families, that would mean no income tax whatsoever income tax whatsoever on the first $24,000 of income and the president gain not insists the wealthy plan.gain nothing from this plan. it's notcan call me all they want. it's not going to help and it's not good for me, believe me. >> reporter: there is one big provision that would clearly provision that would clearly benefit wealthier americans. he wants to he wants to eliminate the estate tax, tax, something that is only paid $5.5 m $5.5 million. the taxividuals, and he won't budge on the tax cut to corporations. a flat 20%. >> 20 is my number, and i'm not
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perfect number. number. 20 is a pefect number. preseporter: by one estimate, the president's plan would mean more than $5 trillion in lost revenue revenue for the federal gove government among the many details yet forils yet to be worked out is it seemsay for that. it seems that is up for congress to figure it, to figure it, george, robin? es seem that w much. >> it does seem that way. p> now to the growing questions about president trump's cabinet mbers.s. spending your tax dollars on spending your tax dollars on trips usin trips usiing expensive charter raft.and military aircraft. the treasure secretary, among thos those facing scrutiny. our ch correspondent,e house us.espondent, cecilia vega has od mornings. good morning, cecilia. >> facing scrutiny and now tom price's job seems to be in question. president trump said he's not him andth him and some democrats are calling for him to resign. >> reporter: this morning health secretary tom price's future hangs in the balance. >> we'll see. ire him? >> we'll see. >> reporter: after dozens of taxpayer-funded trips on luxury jets, a more than $400,000 bill, jets, a more than $400,000 bill, pres president trump says he's fed up.
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was looking into it ait and i will look into it and i will tell you personally tell you personally i'm not happy about it. i am i am not happy about it. >> wha >> what are you going to do about it, mr. president? ar are you going to fire him? >> i'll look at it. i'm not happy about it. and i'll let him know it. >> reporter: those charter flights now on hold. >> we hear >> we heard the criticism we heard the concerns and we take that very seriously and have taken it to heart. cabieporter: in all three cabinet members face questions about their expensive travel habits and this morning new habits and this morning a velations about epa administrator scott pruitt. administrator scott pruitt. a confirms he took at ok at least one chartered flight and least one chartere multiple government flights to han $58,000.e than $58,000. taxpayeuent taxpayer trips home to oklahoma under investigation. he's now also under fi he's now also under fire for installing a $25,000 secure phone booth in his office. some something previous administrators did not have. a spokeswoman said pru a spokeswoman said pruitt a vocal epa critic before he took the top job needs the secure line in line in order to avoid hacking
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de.m the outside. democrats and republicans on the democrats and republic house oversight committee sent and two dozeto the white house and two dozen federal agencies. iney have launched an investigation. the white house has the white house has two weeks to turn in documents re turn in documents related to the travel of senior administration officials. >> this story not over. cecilia vega, thanks very much. let's talk to the pres president's top economic adviser, gary c adviser, gary cohen. w everybody want. right now everybody wants to know what it's going to mean for them. can you tell middle class families watching ri families watching right now, say a family of four earning a family of four earni $55,000, how much they will save under the president's plan? >> george, thank you for having me. me. first le first let me extend our sympathies to all the families sympathies to all in puerto rico having to deal with what they're deal with what they're dealing with. look, our tax plan is purely look, our tax aimed at middle class families. a typical family of four earning a typical family of $55,000 in america today is going to have a substantial tax increase. increase. that family could expect something in the neighborhood of
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$650,000 -- i'm sorry $650 to a $1,000 tax decrease. every tax situation is every tax situation is different. live in.ds on what state you live in. r are really solving for the middle class. middle class. everything we have done in this tax plan is for th tax plan is for the middle class. >> i wonder how yo >> i wonder how you get that number because the plan doesn't show where t uld be,ere the tax brackets would be, and here in the state te ofw york, the official here nearly state of new york says ngarly half of the middle class families earning between $50,000 and $75,000 are actually going to get an increase here in new york city because you eliminate the deduction of state and local taxes. >> if >> if you look at the reality of the country as a whole, less the country as a whole than 25% of the families itemize. so we're solving for the country as a whole. only the people that i only the people that itemize today less than 25 today less than 25% of the family itemize they're the only
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ones taking a deduction for the state and local taxe state and local taxes. we're solving for the greater good of the country. to looou have to look at is you have to look at what we did in its entirety. you have to you have to look at this plan in doubledrety. we have doubled the amount of income that people tax e that people can keep at substantial rate. that's a substantial thing. we have then lowered the 15% tax uple of tax ra when you look at the first couple of tax rates and how much money you can keep ate zero and at 12, we have done a substantial thing for american american. citizens. then we're increasing the child care credit. people will get a much larger people will get a credit. membermember, that credit is deducted directly from your tax y.ability. >> but you >> but you're not saying how much you'll increase it. if i'm hearing you correctly, if i'm hearing you at no n't guarantee that no middle class middle class family will get a tax increase. there there will be middle class fa youries who get an increase there's an excep correct?
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>> george there's an exception to every rule. >> that's a yes? >> i can't guarantee anything. you can always find a unique family somewhere. anat our job here and what we've been working on in the white house is to create an economic stimulus package by using taxes stimulus pac rive the economy of the the united states. that's what the presid that's what the president ordered us to do and that's what ordered us to do and that's what >> the president said he will not get a tax cut under the he said t under the wealthy won't get a tax cut under the plan, or his family won't. he said you won't get one as at the look at the front page of "u.s.a. today." it says that trump could reap millions from his own tax plan. minating the alternativestate mini tax, eliminating the alternative minimum tax, cutting top rate, cutting capital gains, cutting tax on income. tax on income. that means millions of dollars for the president of the united states. >> george, you've go >> george, you've got to look at the plan in its entirety. on one hand you're talking about people that are rais people that are raising their >> rs because -- >> right, middle class people and cuts for the wealthy. >> on the other hand you're talking about wealthy getting a tax cut because of tax cut because of the standard deduction. when we eliminate the standard deduction for the wealthy,
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someone in new york that you're someone in new york talking about, eliminating that standard deduction for someone standard deduc in new york and the wealthy, that costs them 5%. even if even if we lower the tax on federal taxes from 39.6% to 35%, and you take back the 5% that you lose from the elimination from the deduction, you're well ov you're well over 40% on an effective tax rate on your federal taxes in new york. that does not sound like any tax cut to me. tax component of this. estate tax component of this. you've got to look at the plan in its entirety. >> i am looking at the -- >> we also put the ability for congress to put a fourth tax e.te in place. a fourth tax rate o wealthy rs.ricans, very high earners. if we need to take more money from high earners and transfer from high earners an to middle class americans to ing a ure middle class americans are getting a tax cut. we've given congress the ability to do that. >> i was tal elimination of thabout the elimination of the state tax,
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and the capital gains tax. al presidat means millions of dollars in tax cuts for he says believe me, i won't be getting a tax cut. can you guarantee president trump won't get a tax cut under this plan? >> george, when we looked at the tax plan and looked at what it tax plan and looke does for americans, we're very very confident that americans are getting a great deal here. we have also sai ericans are nsaid that wealthy americans are not getting a tax we hav cut. we have desiged a tax plan that will stimulate the economy. we are giving tax cuts to middle and lower income americans. we want every day, hard-working americans to have more money in their paycheck. your audience watching tv now getting ready to g o find a way tto go to work we want to find a way to put more money into their paycheck. money into their paycheck. >> >> will the wealthy get a tax cut or not? >> the wealthy a >> the wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan. tax cut under our >> that's not the evidence th that's out there so far but of course there are a lot of details yet to come as you've pointed out. congress has to deal with it. weal we'll see what happens in coe next several months. .r. cohen, thanks for joining us
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this morning. pleasure. re. turning to the crises in puerto rico more than a week after hurricane maria, more than 90% of puerto rico still without with without power, and nearly half the s lack drinking million rezllior residents lack drinking water. eva pilgrim is in san juan this morning. >> michael, they keep telling people supplies are on the isnd. u can see.for gas stretches literally as far as you can see. some of these people camping out overnight just to make sure that they're here in time to fill up. this morning a s morning a lifeline to a town lifeline to a town cut off since the hurricane. >> i w >> i want to talk to them and i want to tell them that i'm okay. don't worry for me. >> reporter: the red cross >> reporter: the red cross setting up satellite internet. for lydia rivera it's a god send. once she's connected, relief as her phone lights up with messages from her family. messages from he >> that's the message. >> reporter: leaving a voice ello mommy.r mother. >> hello mommy. >> reporter: a rare moment of joy among the ra joy among the raging
7:16 am
re.anitarian crisis here. hours- hours-long waits for what little water and gas are left. san juan's mayor said san juan's mayor said people are do you feel like >> do you feel like you can wait for the federal help or is it -- >> i'm not waiting. i'm not waiting for anybody. i'm not waiting fo i'm working with what we have. >> reporter: accor the much nr: according to u.s. es are acte much needed supplies are actually here on the island. president trump insi response has bp insisting the federal response has been great. supplies delivered, more on the way. >> we have a lot of >> we have a lot of ships out there right now. puerto rico is a difficult situation. that place was jus ter: the president destroyed. to visit the island ident planning to visit the island tuesday. thousands of containers, thousands of conta millions of pounds of federal relief supplies, m relief supplies, much of it just sitting here in port sitting here in port in puerto rico. >> one of the challenges is >> one of the chal making sure the roads are clear to allow the trucks to get there. >> repor >> reporter: but the governor of necessities where they arehose necessities where they are istical transporult.
7:17 am
>> the logistical transportation of the help that's arriving to of the help that's puerto rico is kind of becoming a bottleneck. a bottleneck. what we really need are some human resources. >> reporter: they st se gas stati they started out a lot of these gas stations only allowing some good eople to get $10 of fuel. t me good news this morning, they are allowing people to get $30 at this gas station today. michael? >> thank you. >> thank you. frustrating sting situation. >> absolutely. now to rob w now to rob with more on that swift water rescue in oklahoma city. rob? look >> take a look at this. 2 or 3 inches 2 or 3 inches of rain in a short period of time. this woman pulled to safety out of that suv. trapped in trapped in this spillway. the fire department from oklahoma city doing a rescue with that raft. they pull her out of the driver's side all with the rushing water around the suv. pinned against that fence. she's pulled to safety she's pulled to safety. by triangulating those ropes by triangulating t a ey managed to execute a textbo textbook swift water rescue. bravo to the oklah bravo to the oklahoma city fire department there. a lot of rain across west texas
7:18 am
and flood watches that are posted now. upwards of a f upwards of a foot has already fallen. could see another co could see another couple of inches there. with with this tropical moisture almost meeting in like a monsoon fl inches pot three to four inches potentlly speaking of tropics, the ing of tropics, we've got three systems in the atlantic. , a tropical wave opical wave over cub over cuba may be heading to florida. more on that in the next 30 minutes. but but first, your fall-like cities brought to you by liberty mutual.
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i'm abc news meteorologist drew tuma. cooler on the coast but for most a warm day, 82 for oakland, 77 in san francisco, 90 in san jose, the same in concord, 0 in fremont, the north bay mid and upper 90s later today. accuweather seven-day forecast, widespread cooling will hit us on friday, breezy to start off the weekend but sunshine dominates sunday and into early next week, that faum feeling is going to stick around. coming up, what could be a big break in that murder mystery. two teen girls killed while hiking on that train track n indiana. why police say this man may be connected. and the new fallout from that major college basketball scandal, one of the top coaches in the country, rick pitino, now in danger of losing his job and the student athlete caught in the center of it. we'll be right back. danger of losing his job and the student athlete caught in the center of it. we'll be right back. nd the star athlete caught in the center of it. we'll be right back.
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relief that works as hard as you do. i'm natasha zouves. in san leandro, two people were killed in a mobile home fire near wicks boulevard and mission bay lane. sky 7 is live above the scene right now. we're not getting much information at this time, but we know that alameda county fire is there. you can see firefighters in that burned-out shell. download the abc7 news app for latest on this and other breaking news. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. we are still trying to recover on southbound 880, our sigalert from that crash at state route 29, a new uncrash at state route 38 unfortunately in that backup and 12, 13 miles an hour. it is heavy. pretty big problem in the south
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bay as well, northbound 85 before el camino royale, multivehicle crash, about five vehicles.
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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and good morning. waking up to temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s at this hour, few exceptions close to the coast, 48 half moon bay, santa rosa up to 46 degrees. your 12-hour day planner showing lots of sunshine, a warm day away from the coast in the aches and 90s. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you coastal cooling today, then widespread cooling for everybody on friday and a nice weekend on hand saturday and sunday. >> thanks, drew. another update in about 30 minutes. always on our free abc7 news app.
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all jeans on sale, up to fifty percent off. no time to spare! whether or not you think pumpkin spice is good on pizza, i think we can l agree that pumpkin spice is not good on pizza. okay. i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to pick up your phones and call your senators again. >> welcome back to "gma." that's the very funny jimmy kimmel of course taking on the pumpkin spice craze. it's that time of the year again, everybody. wait until you see what's now getting the pumpkin spice this year. have we hit the peak of this craze? >> the pizza is a real thing isn't it? >> so is deodorant. >> you know what you're getting for christmas, george. that's all coming up on our big board. also right now, reaction is coming in from both sides of the aisle. from president trump's tax plan. proposing the most sweeping changes in decades. he's calling a middle class miracle. the plan includes reducing the
7:31 am
number of tax brackets for individuals and families, slashing the tax on corporations. democrats say the plan and others say they would largely benefit the wealthy. and a rock slide at yosemite national park killed one person and injured another at the popular el capitan rock formation. witnesses say the granite slab was the size of an apartment building. this is the height of the climbing sason in the park. at least 30 climbers in the area at the time. >> a dangerous accident right there. we'll move on now to a possible break in that murder mystery out of indiana where two teenage girls were killed while hiking in february. police say this man arrested in colorado may be connected to the case. abc's gio benitez is here with the developments. good morning, gio. >> good morning, george. the man was arrested driving a car with an expired indiana license plate. now this morning, serious questions about where he has been, and what he has done. >> reporter: it's been seven months since the two indiana girls were murdered while hiking
7:32 am
on a nature trail. before they died, they managed to record the voice of a man who cops have been searching forever since. >> get down the hill. >> reporter: this morning police say there may finally be a break in the case. 31-year-old daniel nations was arrested outside of colorado springs accused of threatening several people with a hatchet on a hiking trail. investigators say nations is also a person of interest in the death of a cyclist in the same area earlier this month. and now colorado and indiana cops are looking at possible similarities between those incidents and the deaths of 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german. >> we're not going to give up until we get this guy caught. >> reporter: investigators discovered the young girls' remains about a quarter of a mile from a railroad bridge in delphi, indiana. at this time police releasing this image of a suspect and this chilling audio, the suspect's voice. >> down the hill. down the hill. down the hill. >> reporter: libby german's family hoping police have finally caught her killer.
7:33 am
>> we're hopefully optimistic today is the day. >> it's been a long seven months if it would be a relief if it were him. our fingers are crossed. our toes are crossed. >> reporter: the mother of abby williams telling abc news our family is hoping and praying that god's got this and today is finally the day. we learned nations is a convicted sex offender. he was previously convicted of domeic violence in indiana, so officially in this case, he was arrested for possession of a weapon by a previous offender. so many questions to figure out if this guy did this crime. >> they're on it now. gio, thanks very much. >> the family really wants to know. >> they do. now to new fallout from that college basketball scandal and fbi investigation into fraud and bribery. the highest paid college basketball coach in the country, rick pitino, may be out of a job. now some players are caught in the middle. a's linsey davis is here with those details. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, robin.
7:34 am
rick pitino stands to lose out on $44 million remaining on his contract. his attorney says the coach has done nothing wrong but in effect has been fired. >> reporter: this morning college basketball's highest paid coach sidelined by that explosive fbi fraud and corruption investigation into college recruiting. the university of louisville placing the hall of fame basketball coach rick pitino on unpaid administrative leave on wednesday after allegations an adidas executive funneled $100,000 to recruit a top player to louisville. the school the sneaker giant sponsors. >> one student athlete is being notified he's being withheld from ncaa activities inclusive of practices and games indefinitely. >> reporter: that recruit, freshman brian bowen, had been committed to a different school, then made the surprise announcement back in june that he was joining the cardinals. three days later, retweeted this photo of adidas sneakers. while no one at the university
7:35 am
to of louisville has been arrested, three adidas employees were charged in the case. >> adidas and louisville have been together for a long time. the recent contract which was struck this year is a ten-year deal for $160 million. that's the sixth largest shoe apparel deal in college sports. >> reporter: in 2014 pitino complained about how those sponsorships influenced the recruiting pool. >> i never thought that shoes would be the reason you recruit players. >> reporter: adidas tells abc news they've placed the executive involved on leave, and have engaged outside counsel to conduct an investigation. the scandal prompted louisville recruits to withdraw their commitment to the team. it's not just that school. one of auburn's highly recruited recruits announced he was leaving the program wednesday after its assistant coach was charged in the program. auburn is offering full refunds
7:36 am
for basketball season ticketholders. bowen's father insists he was not paid to attend louisville. it remains to be seen how this case will affect adidas's relationship with the ncaa going forward. pitino says the facts here will exonerate him. still a number of dominos likely to fall here. >> the way they connect. >> thank you. coming up, hugh hefner and women, was he groundbreaking or sexist? that's the question. women, was he groundbreaking or sexist? that's the question. breaking or sexist?
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turning now to hugh hefner. as people remember the "playboy" founder, we're taking a look at the magazine and the brand he created held by some as groundbreaking and others as sexist. let's go to chris connelly in los angeles. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, michael. as much as hugh hefner ignited a sexual revolution with the founding of "playboy," he remained a controversial figure. that controversy often focused on the image of women. >> reporter: from the moment hugh hefner published the first issue of "playboy" in 1953, the debate raged. did his magazine celebrate women or exploit them? >> "playboy" exploits sex like "sports illustrated" exploits sports. >> reporter: the "playboy" playmate and the bunny became mainstream erotic ideals for heterosexual men, making hefner a frequent target of criticism from the right and the left in
7:41 am
the '60s and '70s. >> hugh hefner is my enemy. the day you're willing to come out here with a cotton tail attached to your rear end -- >> reporter: despite such critiques, such high profile stars and scores more would be nude in its pages amid a range of reactions after the fact. cindy crawford recalled her posing for "playboy" to "w." >> it was very risky because models of my stature at that point weren't doing "playboy." >> i wanted to be part of the "playboy" family. i'm glad that i did it. >> what if olive comes to you at 18 or 19 and says, mom, i want to pose for "playboy"? >> i wouldn't let her. >> in 1998, hefner and glor glo steinem and the editor
7:42 am
of "ms." would debate this issue. >> i do not find the body of work admiral at all. i think it's a part of the problem, not part of the solution. >> we do know that in nature and pand the pursued. is the pursuer >> that's not true. >> but i think it is the attraction -- >> it's just not true. it's an old-fashioned point of view. >> reporter: hefner never backed down from his insistence that he played a pivotal part in society from unshackling notions about sex. no doubt in his mind that he propelled society forward with his message. >> i believe that embracing sexuality is part of what it means to be free. >> he certainly freed the male libido. his magazine serving up both style and desire. as well as occasional unease throughout the decades, michael. >> chris, he was -- hefner was a polarizing figure. some say he was an advocate for equal rights. others say he took advantage of women in hollywood. how do you think people will remember him? >> i would like to hear a wide variety of voices responding to that question in the days to come, michael. i think certainly the founding
7:43 am
of "playboy" was a rebellious act but the magazine was so successful that 15 or 20 years into its life it was a mainstream institution, almost ike a beer company. and as any institution that successful, it struggled to adapt to change and in the case of "playboy,"hat change was represented by the women's movement. but i think we'll hear a lot of different voices responding to that question as hefner is remembered over the days ahead. >> i'm sure we will. chris connelly, thank you. we'll also hear a lot of people say i just read it for the articles. there we go. robin, what's coming up on the big board. >> i was wondering who was going to be the first to say that, michael. coming up on the big board, pumpkin spice overload. crazy places we're seeing the craze. breakfast biscuits, okay, but deodorant? we'll talk about it on the big board. ast biscuits, okay, but deodorant? we'll talk about it on the big board. ts, okay, but deodorant? it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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all righty now. back to the big board and something you can can't avoid, i even if you try. it's pumpkin spice mania. >> it's everywhere. it's in food, in drinks. it's even in deodorant. the big question have we reached peak pumpkin spice. t.j. holmes, you know it all. break it down. >> this is close to a half billion dollars a year income. that's why you see deodorant, pumpkin spice chewing gum, pumpkin spice sausage. hummus. someone even made a pumpkin spice tennis shoe. we're pointing to a new item
7:48 am
where some people are saying we need a pumpkin intervention. >> reporter: here we go again. time for our autumn obsession with all things pumpkin. >> what's that? >> reporter: pumpkin spice is everywhere. these days it's not for lattes anymore. cookies, potato chips, coffee, cough drops, all taste like fall. >> tell me then, what is this contraption? >> reporter: there are even things like pumpkin spice face mask or candles, treats for your dog. if that's not enough pumpkin, maybe you want to smell like one. throw on some pumpkin spice deodorant or lip balm. many are pointing to this creation as a sign we've lost our pumpkin minds. just ask jimmy kimmel. >> someone, i don't know who, probably a monster thought it would be a good idea to combine pumpkin spice and pizza. two things that go together like peanut butter and snow tires, okay? i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to pick up youphones and call your senators again.
7:49 am
tell them we will not stand for pumpkin spice pizza. >> we have it right here. >> help yourselves. >> i'm good. >> some point to starbucks being responsible for the craze in 2004. the first recorded pumpkin spice recipe was back in 1796. this has been around for a long time. this is essentially pie mix. >> what is exactly in the pumpkin spice blend? >> if you want to make it, you start with a pumpkin and you get it out of the way. there's no pumpkin in pumpkin spice. >> what? >> it's cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, other things that you would find in a pumpkin pot. there is not a lick of pumpkin. >> there's no pumpkin? >> no. >> that's deceptive. the deception. every time you do think about pumpkin spice, you think about the fall season, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. but is there anything else that might be creeping up to take the place? >> keep an eye on maple.
7:50 am
maple is making a move. >> that's true. >> it is. these trends come and go. do you remember i was doing the unicorn frappuccino. >> i'll be honest with you that was pretty good. >> help yourselves guys. >> i'll try an oreo. >> i heard it's pretty good. >> it's pretty good, yeah. you know what, this is good. i'm not just saying. >> it's all i can do not to eat the pop tart. it is calling my name. >> when we go to commercial. coming up, the health scare for this "pretty little liars" star. what caused her to gain 70 pounds? the condition one in ten women have. dr. ashton here to break it down for us. come on back. coming up, "gma's" good neighbor day brought to you by state farm, neigborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. of to volunteer in your community. to volunteer in your community. ofg volunteer in your community.
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welcome back to "gma." let's talk tropic. maria, lee, this little hurricane which was our fifth major hurricane of the season yesterday, now a cat 2. and this tropical disturbance over cuba batch watching this carefully now. developing over the next few days. the general direction will be towards florida. definitely some heavy rain and some wind with this particular number. so we're watching that carefully for sure. this we
7:55 am
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i'm natasha zouves and that breaking news is in san leandro where two people were killed in a mobile e home fire in mission bay mobile home park near wicks boulevard and mission bay lane. sky 7 was above the scene. the fire started just before 5:30 this morning. firefighters did manage to get the flames out within 15 minutes. we'll continue investigating this. please download the abc7 news app for the latest and other breaking news sent to your phone. over to drew tuma for your weather. >> hi, natasha. live look at the golden gate bridge, the fog returning so an indication of cooler changes. 50s and sixty right now, but the accuweather seven-day forecast shows coastal cooling today, widespread cooling tomorrow. taking a look at the roads, we still have our problem in the south bay on northbound 85, so some heavy traffic here. that crash still blocking the two center lanes just before you get to el camino royale and that
7:57 am
well beyond 280 at this point. still a dense fog advisory for golden gate. >> another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc7 news app. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use,
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>> good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hugh hefner the ultimate playboy passing away over night. his extraordinary life, the careers he launched, a polarizing figure whose magazine and lifestyle changed american culture. >> also this morning the president and your taxes. trump unveils one of the biggest tax cuts ever calling it a middle class miracle. he said the wealthy will gain nothing. but does the evidence back him up? what it all means for your wallet. >> secret health struggle the "pretty little liar" star revealing the medical condition that led her to gain 70 pounds. the signs all women should watch for. dr. ashton here to break it down. ♪ >> and anthony anderson, viola davis right here this morning as we say good morning, america.
8:01 am
happy friday eve. great to have viola and anthony here with us live this morning. >> two of my favorite people. we're also gearing up for fall with huge deals and steals. tory johnson has big savings on the must haves from luggage to headphones and of course she has more than that. that's just a start. i almost choked on my coffee. my iced coffee got to me. >> was it the pumpkin spice? >> maybe it was the oreo. tori is just starting off two full days of giving away a lot on deals and steals. >> a bonus day this week. top story in the morning rundown. taxes are going to affect all of you. president trump's plan raising a lot of questions. jon karl in washington with the details. good morning, jon. >> good morning, george. the president calling the plan a middle class miracle. there are a lot of details that
8:02 am
are still to be worked out but here are the broad outlines of his plan. first of all, it would slash the corporate rate 35% down to 20%. for individuals and families it would decrease the number of tax brackets from seven to just three. and it would double the standard deduction. for families that would mean no income tax whatsoever on the first $24,000 of income and the president's team as you saw earlier on "gma" is insisting no tax cut whatsoever for the wealthy. >> can you guarantee president trump won't get a tax cut under this plan? >> george, when we looked at the tax plan and look what it does for americans, we are very confident that americans are getting a great deal here. we've also said that wealthy americans are not getting a tax cut. >> george, there are several provisions in this tax plan that would appear to be a big tax cut for the wealthy including eliminating the estate tax, reducing the top bracket. and eliminating the alternative minimum tax.
8:03 am
we'll have to see how the details work out. >> and whether some middle class families will face a tax increase as well even though many if not most, will get a tax cut. jon karl, thanks very much. our other top story this morning, the death of hugh hefner. the man who started "playboy" magazine at his kitchen table et his los angeles homedi. chris connelly with a closer look at how he changed hollywood. good morning, chris. >> good morning, michael. not many people change american society. even fewer of them are magazine editors. hugh hefner fired one of the first shots of a sexual revolution. in hollywood the town built on the mass production of fantasy, that made him a figure to be reckoned with. >> a best life is one where one pursues one's own personal dreams. >> reporter: even hollywood the dream factory could only marvel at the bold dreams hugh hefner made real for himself and his magazine's readers.
8:04 am
>> i believe that embracing sexuality is a part of what it means to be free. >> reporter: pamela anderson, jenny mccarthy, anna nicole smith were each centerfolds in hef's "playboy" early in their show business careers. anderson posting a video of her weeping on her instagram account. >> good-bye, hef. >> reporter: on shows like "sex and the city," hefner celebrated the fantasy he created. >> drinking with three blonds, i guess it's a regular day for you. >> a slow one, yes. >> reporter: he hosted a 1977 episode of "saturday night live." hef's lock on the male imaginati imagination, darkly referenced in "apocalypse now." while the world was looked at comedically in "the house bunny." with the curiosity of the groundbreaking magazine editor he was, he would surround those nudes with news making interviews, high end journalism
8:05 am
and the pleasure principles of the "playboy" philosophy as he depicted on his own shows like "playboy after dark." while the l.a. the playboy mansion became a hollywood house of hedonism. >> lots of people date other girls. i date them at the same time. >> reporter: hefner's party excerpting an appeal on male celebrities. attendees including leonardo dicaprio, james caan and "giving tree" author shell silverstein. later shows like "the girls next door" would bring comedy and hi jinks to the mansion and hefner's creed doe would still hold sway. >> there are a number of areas in terms of america, a country that i love, that were wrong headed, attitudes towards race and sexual behavior. >> no question he and his magazine certainly helped to transform what we saw in the movies, what we saw on television.
8:06 am
even our day-to-day conversation ushering the kind of sexual candor that's an accepted part of the pop culture landscape. guys? >> always appreciate your insight, chris. thank you. coming little liars" star's condition revealing the condition that led to a 70-poundins. >> christie brinkley's daughter is about to make her big debut in a magazine. wait until you hear how she found out. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> i'm here with our buddy tori johnson. deals and steals for fall like this. they start at just 6 bucks. you don't want to miss it, right? [ cheers and applause ] 6 bucks. you've don't want to miss it. [ cheers and applause ] . by day 28? years off your skin age. but don't take it from us, take it from one of the millions of real women already in the know it's not often you can say, you know i saw results right away
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8:11 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> mama like this crowd. welcome back, everyone. great to have you with us this morning. it's a fantastic thursday. friday eve as we like to say. one more alarm clock. it's very special because we're kicking off the double the deals. tori johnson, big savings on fall must haves. tomorrow she has 29 deals because it's the 29th of september. that's how it all works. you don't want to miss all of that and you don't want to miss "pop news" with lara. >> thank you, guys. we'll talk about story making global headlines. a new french law to label all photos of models that have been retouched so those looking at them understand what they're seeing is not totally real. i'm very excited about that. now the world's largest stock
8:12 am
photo agency, getty images, says it will no longer accept pictures that have been photoshopped to make models look thinner at all, period, end of story. this move to discourage the retouching of photos. can we give this a round of applause? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a big move. >> big move. it really connects to this next story. a young woman who struggled with just that and has been very open about it. christie brinkley's daughter sailor brinkley cook says she has learned to be the best version of herself that she can be. people, it is clearly working. the 19-year-old got a big surprise from her mom. the moment captured by the folks at "sports illustrated." take a look. >> oh, my god. what are you doing here? what are you doing here? >> i've come here to give you some really exciting news. >> wait, what's happening? get out. >> you're going to be a rookie
8:13 am
for "sports illustrated" swimsuit. >> oh, no. no. no. >> sailor given a special bathing suit to go with the honor of being chosen as one of the rookies for the swimsuit issue. sharing photos of the shoot on her instagram and a shout out to christie brinkley saying thank you, mama, for passing down your legacy. you opened these doors for me but i promise to be gracious, grateful and work twice as hard to keep those incredible doors open. [ applause ] her post is a lot longer. she talked about struggling with her weight as a child. struggling with being the daughter of christie brinkley. she has grown in many, many ways. she's very open and honest. if you have a chance on instagram, look at it. it's a sweet message and congratulations. i love this story. you fwies guys know i love a thrift shop, i love a yard sale. a goodwill worker carried out a good deed in new york city finding $39,000 in a donated purse and tracking down the rightful owner.
8:14 am
did not need to do this. assistant manager kendall keys we salute you. she was sorting through the bag when she found several documents along with hidden cash. thankfully those papers in the purse led keys to a 101-year-old woman named jean who had recently pass away. one of her grandsons explained to keys hiding cash was something she did. the goodwill was returned to the honest worker as a thank you to keys for her kindness he gave her $4,000. [ cheers and applause ] >> keys says she intends to save the money, just not in a purse. >> straight to the bank account. >> that's "pop news," everyone. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] we move on to our "gma" cover story, the secret health battle for pretty little liars
8:15 am
star sasha peterson. the star revealed she has a hormone condition that led to a 70-pound weight gain but "dancing with the stars" is helping her get her life back. look at that. ab bu boudreaux has her story. >> reporter: best known for her role on "pretty little liars." >> if we get arrested what's going to happen to the baby. >> reporter: now she's heating up the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." she's opening up about her very public 70-pound weight gain and its emotional toll. >> when your confidence starts lacking and you get into a dark place it's like you don't love yourself anymore. which is -- it sucks. >> reporter: she says haters online were vicious, attacking her for the rapid changes to her body. >> they were like maybe she's pregnant. then it turned into more of stop eating doughnuts and you're so fat and you're so huge. >> reporter: leaving her confused and frustrated she went
8:16 am
in search for an answer. >> i work out all the time and eat right. it was very confusing. i went to a bunch of different doctors and they basically told me you'll level out. it's fine. i ended up gaining over 70 pounds. i finally was like this is not normal. >> reporter: sasha said she was diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome, a female hormone imbalance that can lead to weight gain, infertility and ute rin cancer affecting one in ten women of child-bearing age. >> i have a treatment plan. it's helped my soul because i'm back to me again. >> reporter: now dancing is helping her not only lose weight but gain back her confidence. >> have you seen any weight loss since you started? >> i've lost close to 20 pounds now. >> reporter: sasha starting to feel like herself once again. >> to be able to wake up and be like, yeah, i'm ready to go, i feel good, it's amazing. >> are you in it to win it? >> 100%. that mirror ball is going to be mine.
8:17 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, hollywood. >> you go sasha and thank you, abby. we're joined by dr. jennifer ashton. you know about this condition all too well. how many patients come and see you? >> literally on the daily basis. it's often referred to as the most common and least understood hormonal condition affecting women. it's not a disease. it's a syndrome. there's no one definitive test for it. it's an over activity of the ovarian function. ordinarily your ovaries are very orderly. you can think of a penguin one at a time jumping off that iceberg. in pcos all those penguins are jumping together. your ovaries are producing a lot more hormones. >> what are the symptoms? and how is it diagnosed? >> there's a range of symptoms. the mainstay is irregular menstrual cycles. you can have excessive body hair, severe acne on the back or chest. when you see that on a woman,
8:18 am
that can be a red flag. elevated testosterone and ultrasound findings. we use ultrasound less often today because usually you can make this diagnosis really talking to the person. we heard also weight gain can be part of it. >> this affects a lot of teens. what should parents know? >> it can affect 5% to 10% of teenagers. making the diagnosis in a teenager can be more complicated because ordinarily their symptoms are less mature. after a year if they have this, they have as much as a 50% chance of having pcos. it's key to make this diagnose early, empowering the teenager and her parents so that the risk of future heart risk and diabetes can be lessened. >> educate us right now. you have some food here. nutrition is a factor. this can lead to other conditions. >> exactly. nutritional support is a main stay. i think it's well-known if you lose just 5% of your body weight, if you're overweight
8:19 am
that can reduce some of the signs and symptoms of pcos. lean protein, some good carbs are really, really key, lowering sugar, and working with a nutritionist or a physician who knows about how diet and hormones interact can make a world of difference. this is about managing pcos so it doesn't manage you. >> bless sasha for being open about it and discussing it in the hopes of helping others. >> that's going to help so many people and the exercise has been huge for her. >> you can see sasha on "dancing with the stars" monday night 8:00 p.m. earn on abc. go outside to rob. >> check it out, robin, people from washington, from florida, and all over the country. an rv road trip from where? >> bar harbor all the way down to saint augustine, florida. >> you look so happy. let me know how it goes around about georgia. it feels cold out here relative to what we've been dealing with. look at this kite surfer dealing
8:20 am
with winds from maria. that rough surf in nags head. the waves still huge from the jersey shore to maine. a taste of fall coming in, a good 20 degrees cooler. the surf feels i'm abc news meteorologist drew tuma. cooler on the coast but for most a warm day, 82 for oakland, 77 in san francisco, 90 in san jose, the same in concord, 0 in fremont, the north bay mid and upper 90s later today. accuweather seven-day forecast, widespread cooling will hit us on friday, breezy to start off the weekend but sunshine dominates sunday and into early next week, that faum feeling is going to stick around. >> it's time for deals and steals with tori johnson as she's kicking off two days of savings. tomorrow she's got 29 deals for september 29th.
8:21 am
that's a lot of work, tory. this morning the deals start at just $6. this is the first part of two days. >> you got it. six today. 29 tomorrow. okay, so travel season is coming up. holidays, thanksgiving, christmas. so a lot of people are looking for luggage. genius pack will be your best friend. all the pieces that they make have some kind of smart technology built in. you were looking at this where an umbrella goes. one of my favorite elements is the laundry compression technology. right here on the side is a laundry chute. it's completely separate from the whole interior. you shove your dirty laundry into this area. you zip it up and press the button -- >> i'm really excited about this, okay. >> you press a button and it's got an air valve that compresses and condenses the laundry that's in there so it takes us less space. you know how like when you put your dirty laundry in there you're like how is this more
8:22 am
full than when i started. so it takes up less space. this is pretty genius. there's a variety of pieces. all the accessories and luggage. >> it has a water bottle holder. >> everything. huge assortment when you go on-line. normally $18 to $284 slashed in half today $9 to $142. >> la rock, a line started by a celebrity makeup artist, inspired by the movie "pirates of the caribbean" -- >> they like the movie. >> exactly. what's fabulous though about this is -- >> you're going to look like johnny depp when you're done. >> if that's your look, that's okay. the eye pallet 18 shades all pro formulas. what's great about these is the pigment allows you to use it wet or dry. it's very versatile for lining, shading, shadowing, a variety of options. the lip gloss is fabulous, just a big assortment. >> i love the names of it.
8:23 am
it says black pearl, yo ho, cursed. >> depending what you choose $23 to $52 slashed in half. $11.50 to 26 bucks. amazing cosmetics. best concealer around. we've had them before, big following among "gma" viewers. they're introducing their brand new illuminator/highlighter. it will do these colors. that's glow, bronze and rose. three options you can use alone as a great base to go out for the day. use it under your makeup or for highlighter definition. all the girls in the back playing with it. their cosmetics just great. normally $14 to $42. everything today is half off, 7 to 21, and amazing cosmetics, free shipping. >> free shipping. >> you're paying attention to me
8:24 am
but doing something else. >> the whole time i've been listening to black eyed peas. boom boom boom. >> michael is wearing after shocks. what's amazing about these headphones is that instead of going over your ear, these are bone conduction. >> i hear you clearly by the way. >> and your music. >> i'm enjoying both. >> you knew what these were when i gave them to you. >> i have a friend who i said why don't you have your head phones on. these aren't supposed to go in so i can still hear you and listen to my music. >> if you're running, walking, anything where you have to pay attention to traffic, you can still enjoy your music but also not totally tune out that ambient sound that you need to hear. they come in wired and wireless, so it goes through your cheekbones instead of your eardrums. phenomenal sound and also you get to pay attention.
8:25 am
normally $50 to $100. all of these are slashed in half, $25 to $50. >> you got a customer. i'm a customer. >> i love this. this is this tiny little -- you stick this little shower burst just like this right into your shower and the steam of the shower is going to create an aroma therapy experience in your shower. eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, whatever fragrance you love, you don't get it wet, away from the shower head so it doesn't get soaking wet. the steam is what makes the magic happen. a four pack slashed in half $11. i'm obsessed with this. >> all right. >> blanket scarves. michael from long island, victoria from san francisco looking stylish and fabulous. these are just oversized, terrific, functional, fabulous $30 to $32, slashed in half, $11 to $16.
8:26 am
>> tory, we're not done yet because we do have amazing giveaways from amazing cosmetics, everybody. we've partnered with all these companies on these great deals. you can get the details on our website. deals and steals, we're just getting started. tomorrow 29 deals on the 29th. you can't beat that tori johnson. coming up viola davis is here live. up viola davis is here live.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." that breaking news involving the shooting on westbound i-80 in emeryville yesterday that shut down a section of the highway for nearly eight hours. police have just leased the name of the suspect. he is demarlo trayon hodge. he is 45 from san le an troe, and he was shot and killed at the scene. that was a huge traffic nightmare. alexis? >> it sure was, for the entire day yesterday. right now looking at lot of red on our traffic flows. we have a sigalert on the peninsula, so northbound 101 before state route 92, a tour bus broke down, blocking a lane. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, a beautiful day, thinning out a bit on the left side
8:28 am
♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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good morning. a live look from the camera, the fog returning, cooler changes, fist on the coast, 50s and 60s our current temperatures. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today the coast will feel the cooling first and then everybody on friday gets widespread cooling and fall feeling into early parts of next week. jessica? we will have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes.
8:30 am
always on our news app. and ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. i want to thank you guys so much for being with us on this friday eve, and thank you, audience members. you guys are incredible. [ cheers and applause ] i have a question for everybody in here. who here has ever gotten stuck in an airport. >> oh gosh. who hasn't? >> a little frustrating. >> a little bit. >> for those who have been waiting around, you feel like it's a lifetime and you have nothing to do. there was this one lady, her name is mashine
8:31 am
she decided to have some fun. take a look. ♪ yeah. as you can see, she didn't let it get her spirits down. she was stranded overnight at charlotte douglas international airport in north carolina. she missed her connection flight. there you go. everybody got some rhythm though. she started dancing around the airport to lionel richie's "all night long". >> appropriate song. >> dancing with the airport employees. they're there all night. the video has racked up over 1 million views. >> she's very cute. >> she said i didn't want to sit around in anger so she did something that made her the happiest which was dance. she included other people and i'm sure it made them happy as well. it's been viewed over 1 million times. now how do you guys pass the time when you're stuck in
8:32 am
airports? >> i dance. >> you dance, george? >> george, george, of all things, you dance? >> he does. "tiny dancer" in his head. >> do you do anything? >> yeah. i go to the bar. >> she said that like, don't we all? >> i mean, robin. >> amy robach has been out and working and she was traveling with doug vomeyer, our producer the other day. she got stuck and they decided to do pushups. >> of course they did. >> we have one person exercising pushups and the other person exercising the elbow with the drinks over here. >> curls. >> but the great thing is you can turn something that is frustrating into something that is happy. >> there you go. >> that's the message. [ applause ] are you going to leave me hanging? >> that's a great life lesson. turning it around. >> turning it around. turning it around right here because i went into the control
8:33 am
room when you were doing deals and steals and they're like, viola hasn't gotten here yet. a little mad panic. but she is here. our next guest. welcome the star of "how to get away with murder" viola davis. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> how are you? >> i think i'm doing pretty good. >> you are doing pretty good. >> niceo see you. >> nice to see you. wow, a studio audience. >> you look beautiful. >> oh thank you. >> i love the whole thing. [ applause ] we are so happy to have you here in the house. >> awake. >> how to g away with murder,
8:34 am
it's back, baby, it's back. you don't even know anything until you have the script in your hands. >> sometimes pete comes to me and he'll tell me, he'll pitch a story and i'm like, okay, we're not going to do that. we're not going to go there. i think i'm brave but not that brave. but yeah, analise is dealing with an alcohol problem now. >> got a lot of things going on. we're going to show a clip here. you might recognize this character who's chatting up analise. take a look. >> desmond. >> bonnie. >> i had a great aunt bonnie. know what her last words were to me? shut your trap, desmond. too bad for you i still haven't learned my lesson. >> no, you haven't. >> not one bit. >> hmm. >> and analise smiles. >> looking at that and everybody
8:35 am
is going, boy, they sure have good chemistry. well you should because that's your husband julius who's playing -- [ cheers and applause ] what is it like to have him on set with you? >> it's good, you know. at one point the director said, okay, you guys are having a little bit too much fun. he's supposed to be a stranger. yes, it spices up the marriage there. >> so we want to talk to you about your daughter genesis, 8 years old. >> she's 7. she turned 7 in july. she looks about 12. >> and acts like a grownup, right? does she have the bug, the acting bug? >> she's got the acting bug, you know. she's got the acting bug. she makes herself cry and then she'll look in the mirror and go -- at one point i told her to
8:36 am
cry. i said, genesis, you have to tap into your emotion. she said, okay, mommy, saying rolling, say rolling. i said rolling and then she put her finger in her mouth and she made her tears. >>le wit well, she's not the on actress. >> we saw her as wonder woman. that was a few years back. now she's at peak halloween age. >> she's wonder woman. she went as me one year. last year was egyptian zombie queen. this year it's a purple alien. it changes, you know. >> we were talking about the fact that you now have an oscar. congratulations. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> we know you have an emmy. two tonys. so the only thing missing is a grammy, my friend. >> yeah. and i can't sing. i mean, i cannot sing. as a matter of fact, i told my husband, i said, julius, you know, we should get married
8:37 am
again and then i'll prepare a song. i'll sing it for you. he said, v, don't do that. don't do that. so maybe i'll do a spoken word thing. >> read a book. >> i don't wake up every day thinking i got to get a grammy. i'm always just concerned about my daughter and other things, like, you know, like waking up. but that would be sweet. >> that would be an egot. i think there's 39 of them. >> not bad to have the triple crown either. >> no. >> be happy with what you have, exactly. a comedy album also maybe. >> no, no, no. that wouldn't work either. that wouldn't work either. >> how excited are you for this new season? >> you know what, i'm excited because i feel that everyone is going to learn more about these characters, what makes them tick. i'll learn more about these characters because there are times i'm like, okay, didn't we kill someone, so and so first season, you know. but i'm thinking, do we have any
8:38 am
dead bodies this season. oh yeah, there's going to be something coming up. >> really? ooh. >> that's got to be so sad, you're reading the script going, i'm off the show. >> i know, but pete knowwalk who created the show said that i am not really -- i reveal too much. so i have to be really careful. so no more. >> that was just a tiny thing. that wasn't so bad. >> but i'm dealing with my alcoholism now and the loss of everything. so, it's good. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the season. >> i want to go back a moment to your singing. we hear you have quite the mix on your ipod, that you have a little bit -- eclectic. what is the oddest song that you have? >> okay. the mm-bob song. the hanson brothers.
8:39 am
mm-bop. mm-bop. >> there's the grammy, people. >> i have a lot of john denver too. >> you know what, you're eclectic in your music, in your work, you have the triple crown. you're going to get that grammy one day. we're looking forward to that. but the new season of "how to get away with murder", it premiered tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. come on back, anthony anderson, he's here live also. >> hey, look out there. >> look up
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
back here on "gma" with natalia and julianna from atlanta. i'm here with the comic book series, humans. this super size pup serves as the protector of the inhumans royal family and has cool powers like tell porting. do you know what tell porting is? >> yes. >> you do? you can tell me about it later. premieres friday night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. what do you think of your lock jaw animals? >> they're really cool. >> you can keep them. you look
8:43 am
i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. 92 san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast, widespread relief from the heat e hits us on friday. [ applause ] back to you, lara. >> thank you so much. look who i'm with, anthony anderson. [ cheers and applause ] it's finally fall which means everyone's favorite emmy nominated guy is back with a brand new season of abc "black-ish." very excited to see what you guys are up to. >> october 3rd, new night, new time, tuesdays at 9:00. >> when last we left, dre and bo just welcomed a baby, number five. >> a baby, number five. >> so what does that mean for you as a character, for us as the viewer? >> it's changing the dynamic of the show completely. we have one child leaving the
8:44 am
house and -- >> college and newborn. >> college and newborn. it's running the gamut. but they say never work with babies and animals. we have the best babies that we work with. i don't know what baby benadryl they're on right now, but they have the best temperament. baby august and baby berlin, love them. >> they're twins? >> they're twins, yeah. >> and they are just part of -- a minor part of an episode that you're going to start with that you guys are stretching your cords. >> episode number one, we're doing something a little different. >> it looks like "hamilton." >> hamilton-esque. my character wants to get rid of columbus day and have a holiday that celebrates the african-american community and they were like what better holiday that you know june 10th. we go back in time and the family goes back in time as slaves and we sing about the struggles and the turmoil and everything that we went through until we got our freedom.
8:45 am
it's a moving piece. >> let me ask you a question. you guys have now one of the incredible actors who was in "hamilton" on the show. did that help inspire this idea? >> not at you will. >> not at all? >> not at all. i'm not going to say i'm taking full credit. kenya barris, it was something that he had in his mind. it is a must see. >> okay. >> we're going to ruffle some feathers. >> you know what, you always have though. >> yeah. >> that's why we love it and why it gets nominated every year for the emmy. i also want to turn now, it's good neighbor day. >> yes, it is. >> i don't know if you guys know this but dre, his character, not known as being a good neighbor but you're here today -- >> dre isn't but anthony anderson is. >> anthony anderson is a very good neighbor. >> all right. [ applause ] >> you're also spokesperson for state farm's good neighbor day and we have partnered with a local organization putting
8:46 am
together some school supplies for local kids for school. tell us about good neighbor day. this is a lot about giving back as neighbor. >> that's exactly what it is. it's about giving back as a neighbor, strengthening and rebuilding your neighborhoods and our communities together as a team. go to neighborhoodof d type in your zip code and you can volunteer, whatever your passion is. they will list everything within your area. a lot of people think they need money and they need time. they don't need any of that. they just need themselves. they can go give ten minutes. ten minutes will mean the world to someone if you're helping them and bring a friend. >> a lot of areas can really use a good neighbor right now. we're really glad you came. so excited to see you working those vocal cords on the new season of "black-ish." tell everybody again when they can see "black-ish." >> october 3rd, our new night, tuesday, 9:00 central right here
8:47 am
on abc. >> anthony anderson, always a joy. >> my pleasure. we are going to carve pumpkins. i believe we have robin roberts in beautiful formation. there she is. let's get to it.
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> it is time for "gma's" make off challenge. we have the perfect fall project personalizing your pumpkins of course. we have the expert who has partnered with our sponsor michaels. this saturday 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. stop by and purchase a pumpkin and personalize it.
8:50 am
we want to point out these pumpkins came from our friend the pumpkin geek. in tra indicate carving not easy to do. you have personal ways to personalize your pumpkins correct. >> i do. this is my favorite time of year. >> me too. >> i cannot do that nor can my kids. i'll show you've easy ways to decorate the pumpkin. >> we're competing? >> we are? >> yes, we are. i want to make a unicorn. we glued tack to the back of these things. you can push pin these in. >> that will make our pum pum pm bad? >> no.
8:51 am
these aren't faux pumpkins. >> i'm talking the real ones. >> oh no. you know i love my glitter and glue. i'm going to draw eyes on my pumpkins like this. then you shake shake shake shake. oh, he's crying. he's crying glitter. >> it's a beautiful we're going to try to do a 30 second challenge, maybe stay away from glitter. maybe michael will not win this time. >> you're already going against me. i never win. >> rob tried to bribe me in the dressing room. >> anything goes. >> y'all, ready.
8:52 am
ready, set create. >> 30 seconds on the clock. >> there we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> they're pushing it. nice nice. >> you need a hat. >> come on. >> that one. >> saw some. here we go. >> nice. >> five, four, three, two, one. time is up! [ buzzer sound ] >> wow! i tried to make my pumpkin personal so i ripped the middle tooth off. i think it looks pretty good. >> look at this one. >> you get a b for effort. i think this pretty pink one wins. >> really? >> that is pretty too lara.
8:53 am
>> i love yours too. >> a one eyed princess who doesn't that. >> i like to say we're all winners. don't forget to check out the great pumpkin ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
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>> we want to thank nicole for our pumpkin showdown. don't forget to join us for the ultimate deals and steals event tomorrow, 29 deals and steals on the 29th with tori johnson. see you tomorrow.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." that breaking news involving that shooting on westbound 80 in emeryville yesterday that shut down a section of highway for nearly eight hours, and this morning police have released the name of the suspect. he is demarlo trayon hodge. 45 years old from san leandro. he was shot and killed at the scene. the tam cam, the coastal fog returning, an indication we have cooler air moving in. current temperatures, readings in the 50s and 60s, so today it's the coast that cools town first on the accuweather seven-day forecast. and then tomorrow, it's widespread cooling for everyone. we have a sigalert westbound 80 right around 6th street in san francisco. you can see some heavy traffic on the bay bridge behind me. checking out some drive times, we have a cement spill working on cleaning up, but heavy drive
9:00 am
times from the east bay into the city. time for "live with kelly & michael." >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award-winning actress viola davis. and from the new series "ghosted," adam scott. plus, let the joust began as our inflatable fun continues on the next edition of "live's pumped up week." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning! >> kelly: what, what, what. >> ryan: good morning, nice to see you. i like this, good look.


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